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Pool & Water


Drinking Water* / Sea Salt / Electrolysis

*Heated by Solarium from May to October


Jacuzzi 4/5 people - November to April

Drinking water

The Gîtes Bon Air are built on a water table (-20m). This water of exceptional "drinkability" is very weakly mineralized. Its PH of 7.7, between 6.5 and 9.0, would allow bottling for a real rejuvenation worthy of the name.

In 2014, the Departmental Laboratory of Cantal carried out 325 lines of analysis (bacteriological, physico-chemical and pesticide detection). All lines are in "green"(turbidity 4.5), so this unique water must rest to settle... from its journey.

swimming pool water

Starting from a simple observation that all the seas and oceans of the globe naturally offer salt water.

Here, in the swimming pool, the treatment with salt electrolysis makes it possible to avoid all Chlorine* (anti-sustainable development).

Chlorine is very aggressive for the eyes, the ears, the hair, the mucous membranes and even the bathing suits and in summer a temperature of + 29° favors the aquatic healing by the more natural sea water.